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 AKP19 is widely used in education & training

Yiynova‘s all-in-one Tablet PC provide professors, instructors, trainers, teachers, and team leaders with the ability to intuitively use the interactive pen input directly on the screen to communicate in the most effective manner possible. Using readily available software like PowerPoint, Acrobat, NetMeeting and Word, the pen input Tablet PC makes
it extremely easy and natural to draw, annotate and mark-up directly on the screen.
Pen input Tablet PC easily integrate into existing AV infrastructures and can be used on the podium, lectern, conference table, or AV cart. Connect the pen display to an LCD projector and share your ideas with a group of any size without having to turn your back on the audience to point at the image they see. Pen displays are perfect for presenting and interacting with audiences in large auditoriums and lecture halls.
A pen input Tablet is also ideal in a collaborative environment, where the ease of using a pen on screen allows people to pick up a pen and immediately begin controlling the cursor with confidence and annotating as they would on paper.
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